Treating Every Patient Like Family Since 2010


About Ashby, it's mission, & its founder

The man pictured above is at the core of everything we do. His name is Joe Seeley. He's my grandfather and the inspiration behind Ashby Home Health & Hospice. 

Joe is an adventure seeker, avid fisherman, prankster, Air Force veteran, handy man, machine shop legend, dad, husband, grandfather, and friend to EVERYONE. Joe was always the life of the party. Every time we pulled out of his driveway in his old white Ford starting our next adventure he would holler at the top of his lungs... 


When Joe suffered from severe pneumonia in 2008 he was hospitalized for over 2 months. After slipping into a coma and relying on life support for 42 days, the hospital staff called us in to tell us he would be never wake up. Miraculously During that very meeting his nurse ran in and yelled

"Joe is waking up!"

We rushed into his room and sure enough he was miraculously coming to. When he noticed us enter, in a faint, weak voice he asked: "How's my hair?" and smiled, we all erupted into laughter and tears... He was back. From that moment on we knew we had a long road ahead us. Its where our large family first learned about home healthcare.

We were encouraged at the prospect of a team of nurses and therapists coming to help him back on his feet. After some time on the rehab floor at the same hospital he was sent home and referred to a home health agency. The staff was well trained, but lacked compassion. He didn't want to exercise and they didn't encourage him to do so. He said no, and they said: "okay Joe" we'll try again another day. The therapist stopped coming after another failed attempt. His condition worsened again and Joe was quickly re-hospitialized. 

Luckily, he was able to fight through the additional and  unnecessary 28 day stay in the hospital. This time when the staff at the hospital said its time to go home. Our family didn't let just any agency take care of Joe... we researched and interviewed home health agencies until we were positive he would get the kind of care that we would provide ourselves as loving family members if we were able. We found the best agency we could and over the next few weeks and months, he improved. 

"it was in that moment I knew what we had to do. We had to start a hospice and home health company that cared about its patients as we care for our own family." 

The therapist that worked with my sometimes stubborn grandfather made all the difference. Because of that compassionate man, my grandmother didn't lose a husband, my aunts and uncles didn't lose their dad, and all 58 grandkids have had an additional 10 years with Grandpa Joe.

Ashby was born out of necessity and deep desire to fill the gap between great healthcare and compassionate experience. It seemed like the 2 didn't exist together. 

So, we created Ashby Home Health & Hospice.

Joe is what drove us to start Ashby nearly a decade ago. Its what still drives us today. Award-winning care, treating every patient like family. Thanks for sharing in our mission with us.


Shawn Vierra

Co-founder and President

Ashby Home Health & Hospice